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    Things to know before you apply:

    • We'll use the information you provide to determine whether you're approved for a Citi Secured Card account, subject to receipt of collateral. ("Collateral" refers to your security deposit, which is equal to your credit line.)
    • We'll review your application immediately – this can take as little as 60 seconds; otherwise, you should hear from us within 7-10 days.
    • If you're approved, you'll have 14 days to provide your bank account information, which will be used to fund your security deposit via electronic transfer, before we open your account.
    • We may ask you to verify the bank account used for your security deposit to confirm that you have access to it.

    Credit Line Request (Security Deposit Amount)

    You can choose your credit line amount (minimum $200, maximum $2,500, in increments of $100). If you are approved, your security deposit will be equal to the amount of your credit line.

    If you are approved for a Citi Secured Mastercard, subject to receipt of collateral, you'll have 14 days to provide your bank account information via our secure site to fund your required security deposit. If this information is not received in time (by 9:00 PM ET on the 14th day), your Citi Secured Mastercard account will not be opened and your application will be closed.

    Your security deposit funds will be placed into a Collateral Holding Account ("CHA") if you are approved. The CHA account does not pay interest. There are no fees for the CHA. We will review your card account within 18 months to determine if you are eligible to have your deposit returned.

    Enter an amount between $200-$2,500 in $100 increments.


    You should only request a credit line that you can afford. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in the bank account that you provide to fund your security deposit in the amount requested.

    To receive a Citi Secured Mastercard, we will open a Collateral Holding Account on your behalf which DOES NOT PAY INTEREST. The Collateral Holding Account is maintained by Citibank, N.A. We may require renewal of your Collateral Holding Account in order for you to retain credit card privileges. Your Collateral Holding Account will be opened when your security deposit is received. The minimum deposit required is $200. Unless Citi determines your account is eligible to have your deposit returned before the 18-month term of your account has concluded, you must keep your Collateral Holding Account open for the full 18-month term of your account. If you wish to close your Collateral Holding Account before the 18-month term is complete: you must give us 21 days prior notice in writing; your credit card account will be canceled; and your Collateral Holding Account will be applied against your outstanding credit card balance. There are no fees on the Collateral Holding Account.

    Please provide at least one phone number.

    Note: Providing your email address at this time will enable us to more quickly communicate important application information.

    If you are not sure if any of your income is not taxable, please refer to your tax documents or consult with your tax professional.

    Note: Government regulations require Citi to collect this information for the purpose of determining your creditworthiness and your ability to manage additional credit.


    Note: An Authorized User is any person you allow to use your account with a card we provided with that person's name.

    You must pay us for all charges made or allowed by the authorized user. Authorized users are able to get account information and copies of statements. Before adding him or her to your account, you must let the authorized user know that we may report account performance to the credit reporting agencies in the authorized user's name. You also need the authorized user's permission to give us any information about him/her that we request and to allow us to share information about him or her.

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    To request a paper, large font or Braille copy of any of these documents, call us at 1-888-201-4523 (TTY for hearing / speech impaired (1-800-325-2865)) and we will mail them to you at no charge.

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