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Affinity Credit Card

A credit card which is sponsored by two or more organizations. For example, the Citi® / AAdvantage® Card is sponsored by Citibank and American Airlines.

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Age Requirement

To qualify for credit you must be at least 18 years old or have a parent or guardian as a co-signer.

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Annual Fee

Some credit card companies charge an annual fee; it is the yearly cost you pay to use the card.

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APR - Annual Percentage Rate

A measure of the total cost of credit expressed as a yearly rate, which you agree to pay as a percentage of the outstanding balance on your credit card each month.

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A form used to apply for credit.

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Cash or anything you own that can be turned into cash. This includes property, goods, savings or investments.

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Automated Teller Machine

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Available Credit

Available credit is your credit limit minus your current balance. It is the unused portion of your credit line.

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Average Daily Balance

The average daily balance is a common way card issuers calculate interest charges. The credit card company finds the balance each day of the billing period, adds the daily balances together and divides by the number of days in the period. The calculation includes new purchases and payments. You should refer to your credit card issuer's Cardmember Agreement for specific information and details regarding the calculation of the Average Daily Balance.

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