Online Statement

Your online statement has all the information you need to understand and manage your credit card. To understand just what you're looking at, hover over any of the bubbles for a useful description.

Minimum Payment Due New Balance Payment Due Date Late Payment Warning Minimum Payment Warning Summary of Account Activity Previous Balance Payments Other Credits Purchases Cash Advances Past Due Credit Limit Available Credit Cash Advance Limit Available Cash Limit Statement Closing Date Days in Billing Cycle Post Date

Minimum Payment Due

The smallest amount you can pay by the Payment Due Date and still meet the terms of your Card Agreement.

New Balance

The total amount you owe the issuer. Includes any unpaid balance from the last month, new purchases, cash advances and any other charges such as an annual fee, late fees or interest charges.

Payment Due Date

The day a payment is due to an issuer. After that date, a late fee can be charged, the payment can be recorded as late, and the account can be considered delinquent.

Late Payment Warning*

Potential impact of late payments to your credit card accounts.

Minimum Payment Warning*

Estimate of how long it will take to pay off your current statement balance if you make only the minimum payment on time each period.

Summary of Account Activity*

Listing of current month's payments, credits, fees and interest charges are now conveniently displayed in your Summary of Account Activity.

Previous Balance

The total balance due at the end of the last billing cycle.


Any payments made by you towards the outstanding total balance on your card.

Other Credits

Credits received toward your balances. This includes transactions such as: credits as a result of resolution of disputes and return credits processed by the vendor and posted to your account.


New purchases charged to your credit card.

Cash Advances

Cash Advance taken out by you.

Past Due

Status of an account when the minimum payment has not been received by due date.

Credit Limit

Total credit limit available to you on the card.

Available Credit Limit

The amount of unused credit that is available to you. Your Available Credit is your New Balance subtracted from your Total Credit Limit.

Cash Advance Limit

The maximum amount of cash that you can withdraw from your credit card account.

Available Cash Limit

The amount of cash that is available within your Cash Advance Limit that you can withdraw from your credit card account

Statement Closing Date

Date that your billing cycle ends. Interest is calculated on that date for the cycle and the statement is generated.

Days in billing cycle

Number of calendar days in statement billing cycle.

Post Date

Date that a purchase, cash advance, fee, service charge or payment is recorded on your charge or credit account.

*This is new information we've added to your statement to reflect changes required as a result of the CARD Act of 2009.