How Credit Cards Work


Types of Cards
Learn more about choosing the right type of cards for your financial needs.

Card Ownership
Understand how cards work to take control of your credit through card ownership.

Credit Limits
Keep your credit card charges at a level you can pay by understanding credit limits.

Fees and Payments
Discover which fees are required and which can be avoided by educating yourself about
fees and payments.

Account Balance vs. Minimum Payment Due
Assume the minimum payment due is all you need to pay each month and you could end up owing far more in interest charge than you budgeted. Learn the difference between account balance vs. minimum payment due.

Interest Charge
Get the facts on the cost of credit and how interest charge are calculated.

Grace Period
Find out exactly what a grace period is commonly mistaken for and what it really is.

Cash Advances
Know what you are getting into with cash advances so they don’t cost you more than you can manage.

How to Read Your Statement
Learning how to read your statement will help you pinpoint the key information featured in your account statement.