Gaining Financial Control


Budgeting helps you organize your finances and develop good habits before problems start.

Keeping a Budget
Create and maintain a regular personal spending and savings plan by keeping a budget.

Are You Headed for Trouble?
Headed for Trouble? Check our list to see if it's time to take a serious look at your finances.

Getting Spending Under Control
Ensure that expenses don’t exceed income and you can cover your bills by getting spending under control.

Making Those First Steps Last
Once your monthly spending is under control, start thinking about ways to make debt a thing of the past and make those first steps last.

What if You Owe Too Much?
If you still can't figure out how to make ends meet, find out the things you can do to get out of debt by learning if you owe too much.

Is Bankruptcy an Option?
While declaring bankruptcy may provide a fresh start, the negatives often far outweigh this positive. It is recommended that you fully explore every other alternative to meeting your obligations before considering bankruptcy as an option.