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Helpful programs suited to your financial needs

We offer a variety of programs designed to help with your credit, ranging from general information about handling credit more responsibly to more specific credit help.

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Question 1Do you have or expect any challenges that would keep you from making payments on time?
Question 2Have you recently been late on any other credit card payments?
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Available credit - The dollar amount you have that is ready to use for new purchases. It is the difference between your current balance and your credit limit.

 at the moment?
Question 4Do you want to be in greater control of your account or payments?
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Based on your answers, here are the Citi programs that can help you take steps towards healthier credit.

Even if you are not a Citi cardmember, you can always get helpful credit management tips on our Use Credit Wisely website

Citi® Payment Partner Program

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The Citi Payment Partner Program rewards eligible cardmembers with statement credits for timely payments over the minimum payment due. Based on your answers, there may be some offers for your account already on file.

Payment Assistance

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We understand that each situation is unique. If you are unable to pay your minimum payment due, contact us to learn about other solutions we may have to help you.


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A free, easy-to-use service that lets you set up automatic, recurring payments. Pay your Citi credit card bill automatically from a linked Checking, Money Market or Savings Account.

Account Alerts

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A no cost alerting service that allows you to receive email and mobile alerts about your credit card account. It keeps you on top of your finances, so there are no surprises.

Use Credit Wisely

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A website that offers easy-to-understand information for managing credit more responsibly.

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Simple ways to get healthy credit:

  1. Pay your bill on time with Citi's flexible payment options.
  2. Use account alerts to get reminders of important milestones.
  3. Get more tips and suggestions at Use Credit Wisely.